Opioid Remediation Funds in Action

Opioid Remediation Funds Proposal 2024

Click here to view the full proposal put forth on October 2, 2023.

Click here to view the slides presented to various Boards of Health across the Outer Cape in October.


Outer Cape’s Opioid Remediation Fund (ORF) Work Group 2023 Membership

Alex Nelson, Outer Cape Community Solutions Network Coordinator
Adam Schwamb, FIRST Steps Together Peer Recovery Specialist
Billie Starks, FIRST Steps Together Community Social Worker
Brianne Smith, Outer Cape Health Services Community Care Director
Dawn White, Outer Cape Health Services Recovery Services Program Manager
Dan Gates, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod & The Islands CEO`
Eliza Morrison, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod & The Islands Harm Reduction
Specialist/Program Manager
Sergeant Thomas Roda, Truro Police Department
Lezli Rowell, Provincetown Health Agent
Emily Beebe, Truro Health and Conservation Agent
Hillary Greenberg Lemos, Eastham Health Director


Context for this Proposal

This group – formed and facilitated by Outer Cape Community Solutions – has been meeting since
January 2023 to create a proposal of spending for the Opioid Remediation Funds distributed across the
four Outer Cape towns. Planning is based on information provided by the Barnstable County Department
of Human Services (Substance Use Prevention Program) including this presentation. As highlighted in the presentation, the four suggested focus areas of spending highlighted in the proposal include:

1) Prevention
2) Harm Reduction
3) Recovery
4) Treatment

The work group group has also followed the following suggestions from the county:
● Pool funds and collaborate with area municipalities (i.e. Outer Cape towns)
● Involve people impacted by substance use disorder in the conversation of how to spend the
funds, ie: people in recovery, people who are actively using substances, family members
● Create evidence-based plans for spending
● Spend funds on substance use-related projects that will directly impact people with substance
use disorder and their loved ones


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