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Meeting Series: OC Community Collaborative

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The OC Wellness Collaborative – a partnership between the four Outer Cape town health departments – has created a series of 5 meetings with municipal partners from Eastham to Provincetown.

“Our communities and departments do phenomenal work, but we rarely have an opportunity to talk about it together! Join us to celebrate successes, take stock of strengths and emerging challenges, and connect with colleagues from across the Outer Cape.”

Topics will include: identifying collaborative strengths, program inventory, asset mapping, brainstorming communication strategies, and opportunities to deepen relationships with colleagues in the future.


More information:

  • This meeting invitation has been shared with Outer Cape municipal employees from departments including but not limited to: Councils on Aging and Community Centers, Recreation, Library, Health, Public Schools … and any other department or group that provides services or programs to the general public in Eastham,  Wellfleet, Truro, or Provincetown. Not sure if you should attend? Reach out and ask!
  • Meetings will be held on June 14, September 11, October 2, October 23, and *November 13. Meetings take place from 9 am to 10:30 am. All meetings are virtual on Zoom except the *final event – which will be an in-person breakfast meeting with a hybrid option! A single Zoom link will be used for all five meetings, so you must register regardless of which meeting(s) you plan to attend.
  • These meetings are designed as stand alone experiences, so drop-in participation is welcome… but you are encouraged to attend all five meetings!
  • This series is funded by an ARPA grant awarded by Barnstable County to the Town of Eastham on behalf of OC Wellness Collaborative. These meetings will be facilitated by Jennifer Knauer with support from Alex Nelson of Outer Cape Community Solutions.
  • For more information, reach out to your town health agent or health director (Lezli Rowell, Emily Beebe, Heith Martinez, Hillary Greenberg-Lemos) or OCCS Network Coordinator, Alex Nelson.


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