Network in Action

In-Person Network Meeting

Open Forum network meetings are held every month on the 3rd Thursday on Zoom, but the group meets quarterly face to face. On October 19, network partners gathered for an in-person meeting. This meeting was held at the Truro Community Center with breakfast pastries and coffee from Hole in One. The topics included the typical program updates and network news, and then partners dove into resource listing. Why are we doing this?

With dozens of agencies providing great opportunities and resources across the Outer Cape, it can be hard to find the “right” support in your time of need. While OCHS has Community Resource Navigators to do this work along side you, it also makes sense to provide more accessible opportunities for ALL residents to be able to find programs and tools that suit your needs. The goal is to create and maintain a resource list for a variety of different situations so that any one living or working across the Outer Cape can connect with our network partners to find solutions to the most complex challenges.

Stay tuned for more details!


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